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Welcome to Strong Web Solutions


   Our offer to small business:


  •    Warehousing of an operating inventory of your goods
  •    Secure online ordering with live authorizations
  •    Customer service via live chat, email and phone
  •    Order processing online or by phone
  •    Selection, packing & shipping of products to customers
  •    Accounting of activity
  •    Monthly sales report



   How does this save you time & money while increasing sales?


  •    Eliminates expense for an e-commerce site
  •    Reduces aditional warehousing cost
  •    Reduced time and cost of accounting associated with a merchant services account
  •    No additional expense for staff expansion for customer service, processing and shipping
  •    Enables you to take advantage of the traffic generated by strongwebsolutions.com
  •    Allows you focus on your business
  •    Reduced exposure as you only pay a percentage of product sales


When you factor risk reduction, intial cost reduction, and time saved, it's likely strongwebsolutions.com is the most economical process to offer your products online. We're always looking for unique, quality products that we feel would sell well through our store. The store is especially suited for businesses who make their own product and or offer exclusive merchandise. While we will consider any product submitted, we focus on unique product.


If you're interested in selling your product through strongwebsolutions.comâ„¢ email a photo of the product along with a detailed description, patent information (if applicable), and suggested price point to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.