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Who do I contact for help with my order?

If you don't find your answer on this page, you may email your question to Strong Web Solutions or use our Live Chat Service by using the link to the left when a customer service rep is online.


What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal as our payment processor; any customers who don't have a PayPal account can still pay online simply by completing their credit card details rather than logging into a PayPal account.


Is my credit card information secure?

We never see your credit card information; due to the manner that payment gateways operate, your card information is processed by PayPal through their servers and never reaches us.  When we access our PayPal account, we cannot see your credit card number.


What is the Card Code?Credit Card Security Code Location

 The Card Code (or CCV) is a 3-digit number that is printed on the back of credit cards, usually following the last four digits of the account number. For American Express cards, the code is a 4-digit number that is found on the front of the card, immediately above your account number.


How are orders shipped?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail, so your ship-to address must be able to accept deliveries from the Postal Service. Make sure to enter a valid mailing address on the order form. Also make sure to enter your correct email address on the order form since the Postal Service will email you a notice and tracking number when we ship your package.


How do I select Express shipping?

When you get to the final stages of your checkout process, you will have the opportunity to select Standard shipping or Express shipping.


How much are the shipping & handling charges?

Priority Mail is our standard method, and shipping & handling charges for orders shipped to US addresses are as follows:


orders up to $20.00: $6.95

$20.01 to $30.00: $7.95

  $30.01 to $40.009: $8.95

$40.01 to $50.00: $9.95

$50.01 to $60.00: $10.95

$60.01 to $70.00: $11.95

$70.01 to $80.00: $12.95

Over $80.00: $15.95


We also offer Express Mail to US addresses at the following charges:


orders up to $20.00: $18.95

20.01 to $30.00: $19.95

30.01 to $40.009: $20.95

40.01 to $50.00: $21.95

over $50: $21.95 plus $.75 for each additional $10 ordered


What if I don't want to order online?

You may mail a check payable to;

Ed Burton Enterprises, LLC,

205 17th Green Street

Americus, GA 31709

Please be sure to include shipping & handling charges; add 7% sales tax if you are in Georgia.


When will I receive my order?

You should allow 7-10 days for delivery, but many customers receive their order in 3-4 days; our goal is to ship all orders within 48 hours, but that may not always be possible due to seasonal fluctuations, etc.


Can I return my order?

You can return your order within 15 days for a full refund of the product cost (not including shipping); any returns should be sent to

Burton Enterprises

205 Seventeenth Green Street

Americus, GA 31709


** We cannot be responsible for any returns that don't reach us for any reason.